What Do Our Entrants Think?

The Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year is unique in the world of competitions.

First, every entry gets a score, with the opportunity to earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, so you can gauge you progress.

Second, we have the same three judges each year for consistency - and all three are AIPP Grand Masters of Photography with extensive experience judging around the world for both professional and enthusiast competitions alike. Of course, at the end of the day, a competition score is just an opinion, but at least ours is a highly respected one.

And third, every entry gets a judge comment. Although these comments are brief and general in nature, they give invaluable feedback for the entrant. Sure, no one likes to get a score lower than they hoped, but the associated comment will give you invaluable guidance on how to improve. Here's what some of our past entrants wrote after receiving their feedback:

I just want to say thank you for the results and critiques on my images. The comments I received are all very affirmational and were in line with my own thinking on what I might do to improve my images. This was a very worthwhile investment for me, and I look forward to applying everything that I learned from participating in the contest. Thank you for hosting this event! - J.P. USA
Thank you for the feedback. It's rare to get positive, if any, feedback from photo comps. See if I can improve next year. P.W. Australia
Great job with the feedback and the competition.  Massive judging effort, thanks. C.W. Australia