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The overall winner is selected from the six category winners and the prize is AUS $5000 in cash to do with as you please! Think of the cameras, lenses or equipment you could purchase with this great prize! For more details, read the competition Rules…

Emotive Portraits We're looking for photographs which display the emotion of expression, of gesture, of time or of place.
Classic Landscapes Any landscape that has great light, great landforms and a great feeling is a classic landscape.
Incredible Sport Capture the moment of sporting perfection, or a feeling of action and movement through time.
Revealing Nature Big ones, small ones, colourful ones. Animal, vegetable or mineral - reveal something about nature.
Exotic Travel What is home for one person is exotic for another. Show us your slant on travel that surprises.
Creative Flair No limits, but you still need to create an image that is cohesive and imaginative.
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Your photographs are professionally judged by three AIPP Grand Masters of Photography and every entry gets a score. Every entry also receives a brief judge’s comment to help them improve their photography.
David Oliver
AIPP Grand Master of Photography
Tony Hewitt
AIPP Grand Master of Photography
Peter Eastway
AIPP Grand Master of Photography